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About us

Welcome to Födelsehuset!


Födelsehuset – ”The Birth Hose” – is a NGO that works to influence and improve obstetric care in the region of Västra Götaland. The association was founded in May 2007 by parents, midwives, doulas and others who shared this common interest. We would love to have you as a member!

The name stans for a vision of a holistic aproach and continuity of care during pregnancy, childbirth and infancy. We believe that health care in this period shold be based on parents’ wishes and needs.

Our Goals

  • More continuity of care
  • More options for parents and parents-to-be
  • A more sensitive and individualized care

Födelsehuset desires to strengthen and support new and expecting parents. We believe that options such as birth centers and home birth should be available in the region of Västra Götaland.

We want home birth to be covered by the Västra Götaland Region. This is already the case in England, Germany, Denmark, and Norway. And in the Stockholm Region. So it should be possible in other parts of Sweden as well, and we are working in that direction.Födelsehuset is participating in a user council for birth care at Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SU) in Gothenburg. This is a good opportunity to make our voice heard.
Are you interested in being part of a group to discuss our demands? Our current proposal is that a birth center unit will be started at SU. And also, that more should be done to prevent traumatic birth experiences.

Doulas and Cultural Interpreters
for pregnant women who do not speak Swedish. For example helpers with Arabian, Somalian or Persian languages. More info in Swedish.
Birth Preparation Course
Breathing – Relaxation – Mental preparation
in Göteborg with Sandra Yniguez, very experienced doula from Hawaii and Eva-Maria Wassberg, reg nurse, reg midwife
Come and learn ways to handle your birth or how to coach your partner/friend! The course runs over two days. The course includes:

  • pain relief and pain-coping methods
  • practical use of relaxation and breathing in labour
  • beneficial positions
  • the role of the birth partner
  • talking over one´s thoughts, fears and hopes concerning birth and parenthood
  • exceptions to normal birth, i. e. ceasarean birth
  • the newborn baby, breastfeeding
  • the first few days after birth

All are welcome, with or without a partner. Free lunch and coffee breaks included as well as work material. For further information, please phone Eva-Maria 031 400 799 or send a mail to info@fodelsehuset.se Maximum participants, 10. Topics can include: information about the process of birth and the birthing care in Sweden.

Fee: 1950 kr per couple, 1 500 per person based on a minimum of three couples.

One to One private sessions
Held in Födelsehuset or in the parent or couples own home. These can be arranged for people who cannot, or prefer not to choose a group setting.

The online community for English-speaking mums living in Sweden – www.mumsinsweden.com